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Coaches & Parents

The first mission of coaches is to help players with their behavior; the second is to show them how to be good soccer players.

Our staff is directed by one coaching authority who provides specific roles and expectations for each coach and trainer at every level. Consistency and continuity are critical to be sure that player development is progressive and cumulative throughout their experience at the academy. 

Coaches and trainers are placed with teams according to their education and personality, but all teams share the coaching staff as a whole. Players and coaches from strong bonds and we take great care during transitions. 

We mentor

athletes both

on and off

the pitch.

We provide clear and concise content reinforced with regular communication in field training and classroom exercises. We utilize a range of curriculum tools including articles, video, graphics software, animations, and demonstrative techniques. 

We encourage staff input and feedback, with the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The curriculum provides coaches with a blueprint to train the right skills at the right age and level.

What parents need to know…

We can’t understate the importance of our holistic program. Understanding and embracing our philosophy is paramount to player success in the academy. Family involvement is critical in the development process. We are inclusive with our families, educating them to further support the success of each player. 

We expect a lot of our families, and we provide clear guidelines to ensure their understanding of the development path and milestones. We ask that all players, parents and staff adhere to our strict code of conduct, and we offer a concise grievance process established to overcome all issues and concerns.

To keep lines of communication open, BVB International Academy – Great Plains holds preseason club-wide meetings conducted by the director and coaching staff. These gatherings give us a chance to review upcoming season logistics and information, and also provides a great opportunity for our families to socialize. Our culture thrives on unity!

As part of our process, the coaches and training staff provide regular feedback on player development, mid-season evaluations, conferences and annual surveys in an effort to continually evaluate our club experience.

Coaches pledge to:

• offer clear expectations.

• take the time to listen.

PLAYERS trust us… 
we value this responsibility.