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New Mini's Program Format For The 2022/2023 Season

By Coach Rebecca Nye, 07/02/22, 10:00PM CDT


BVBIA-GP Minis program has a new look for the 2022/2023 season.

Coming to you in the fall of 2022 is the BVBIA-Great Plains new Mini 3-tier format designed to not only accommodate beginners no matter which level they choose to join, but also designed to slowly integrate the player and prepare them for the BVB Junior Program and finally, the Premier Program. Each stage offers a little more as the player moves through the three levels until the player chooses to join the Junior Program, typically between the ages of 8-9 years old.  We pride ourselves in not only the format and organization of this program, but also in the experienced staff that is hired for all three levels. Trainers that are hired typically have experience in at least two of the following categories: Premier level coaching experience in the BVBIA-GP Club or other surrounding clubs, prior Mini coaching experience, and soccer playing experience in highly competitive club leagues and/or college level playing experience. These trainers do everything they can to connect with the kiddos and make them feel safe and comfortable in an environment that is sometimes new for the young player. Furthermore, we continue to find ways to challenge these players while still training the core components of soccer important for these age groups. As the player enter the second and third tier of the program, we also strive to incorporate a lower level of more modern ways of training that come highly recommended in European countries. In addition, other areas pertinent to athleticism are included in most sessions. Finally, my specific role on the field allows me to direct, float, connect, help players that are feeling timid, assist trainers, if necessary, hype and motivate the
players along the way, and make sure everything is running smoothly. With all of this, our unique program style makes us stand out and differentiates us from surrounding clubs. So, come check us out!